How to increase calls volume to dentistry clinic and reduce the cost of leads

Promoting medical dentistry services is not easy – it is a niche with high competition and restrictions in advertising policies. Still we like hard work 😉 WAMProject agency is running Client’s dentistry clinic advertising campaigns not only in their hometown, but also in Ukraine and other countries. We’d like to write how we managed to increase the number of qualified calls, reduce cost per call and free up 30% of the budget, re-investing it in successful campaigns.

  • Region: Dnipro, Ukraine country, Worldwide
  • Client: Dentistry Clinic, one of TOP-200 in the world rating

Project description

The client is the only dental clinic in Ukraine that has received international accreditation from The Global Clinic Rating and entered TOP-200 of the best dental clinics in the world. That’s why the clinic is ready to run max reach campaigns to spread the word to the widest possible audience, including outside the country.

On the clinic website we provided all the information about doctors and equipment, made an appointment online booking option, created 3D tour in HD.

The clinic has an administrative department that performs the function of the sales department and uses scripts for conversations with customers. Its employees process calls and online applications, messages in instant messengers and emails.

Since 2018, the clinic use outsourcing marketing services of WAMP agency, which consist from the following parts:

  • Search Engine Marketing using Google Ads
  • Remarketing and Custom Intent display campaigns on Google Display Network
  • Facebook Acquisition and Remarketing Campaigns

Due to medical niche restrictions and client’s global plans our agency has to solve some difficult problems.

Scaling campaigns worldwide

The plans of the clinic – to attract customers from different parts of the globe. This requires a well-considered approach, otherwise you can easily waste your budget. Therefore, our agency acted by stages.

At first, we launched search campaign in hometown to get statistics data. Then we created campaigns on high-margin services and started test campaigns in capital, Kiev. In case of this client, such services included implantation, teeth alignment, braces, and veneers.

In such high margin campaigns, we used exact match only and converting only keywords from first Dnipro campaigns. This way we were sure, that ads are shown for search queries that are completely relative to client business and have high probability of conversions based on previous data.

Having again selected the most effective words our PPC managers launched worldwide campaigns with a limited budget. Then we switched on Google Smart Strategies for CPA and set unlimited budget as Google limits itself to meet Target CPA.

Target CPA is a machine learning bidding strategy that helps you get the most conversions for a given price. It takes into account a series of data and uses all the signals to adjust the bids.

Unfortunately expanding campaigns in Ukraine and worldwide all together is not easy – the number of leads is small, and thus their quality is difficult to analyze. If you take into attention only one clinic visit, then LTV is very low, so you need to take into account two or three repeated visits after and thus need more time and calculations to assess results.

In addition, the average check value for the first treatment does not always correlate with further client LTV. A person may come by the request “pediatric dentistry” to remove his child tooth, but then the client see the clinic, enjoy its services and he will return to buy the veneers to his wife, and maybe install himself a tooth implant. Still although initially he came to get a small low margin service of baby tooth removal.

Medical advertising restrictions

Medical topics impose restrictions on online advertising. For example, remarketing on Google Ads was not available for the clinic.

Therefore, on Google Ads, our experts set up custom intent audiences instead. In the audience targeting we indicated the URL of the clinic website and its brand words. This way we managed to reach an audience that interacted with the client’s website directly or showed interest to clinic brand indirectly.

Balance of leads volume and costs

On the one hand, advertising should provide doctors the maximum load, on the other get enough requests for high margin services. Otherwise, imbalances may occur – either all doctors perform low-cost services, and the clinic loses profits, or the medical staff work on high margin services but they are not 100% loaded with work.

Why we decided to integrate Call-Tracking

There are online forms submits for appointments on the website, but most patients just make a call. If you compare calls number vs. online applications, then from Facebook advertising comes 2x more calls, and from Google Ads 5x more calls comparing to online submits.

Proportion between calls volume and online form submits

When a person has a toothache, he will not wait until callback but rather call clinic directly himself. Also, some customers think that after their form submit they will be called back by “sales person”. Still during a call customers can quickly ask all the questions and make sure that needed services are provided in the clinic and make an appointment easily.

Google Analytics is not able to track calls as conversions by default. Therefore, the agency saw only a few online conversions and nothing more. The advertising source for most conversions — calls, remained unknown. That’s why, as we didn’t have enough data we allocated equal budgets for Google and Facebook. It was also unknown from which countries clients are calling mostly.

We mutually agreed with the client that call-tracking setup is obligatory for us. We have not seen most of the conversions, and with a lack of data, it is impossible to optimize correctly advertising campaigns and channels, not even thinking of keywords level. If we continued to work without call tracking, we would not see 80% of conversions and channels that brought them.

For call tracking WAMProject chose Ringostat because we already used it for other projects and were satisfied.

We set the following tasks before Ringostat setup:

  • Track all conversions to optimize the budget of advertising channels and campaigns.
  • Determine the effectiveness at campaigns and keywords level.
  • Analyze incoming calls from customers to assess the quality of traffic.
  • Allocate marketing budget properly based on previous three points analysis.

Project workflow

After setup of call tracking agency began to rely on its data when setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns. Now our managers track not only goals as online applications submits and clicking on the contact information on the site, but also calls.

On this project, a macro conversion is an online application and call records, which are recorded in Ringostat. The remaining interactions with the site are evaluated as micro-conversions and are analyzed as US and USP metrics.

WAMProject set up dynamic call tracking for the clinic to track ROAS at keyword level. Let’s take a look what place does call tracking take in the process of setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns.

  1. First, new campaigns are launched using exact match keyword list. This is necessary in order not to waste the budget, to verify that there are not errors in tracking etc.
  2. After collecting enough statistics, WAMProject analyze conversions by devices, regions and audiences. Experts are looking to see if there are any problems with conversions at each level and dimension, how leads are worked out and online conversions measured in Google Analytics.
  3. After checking, campaigns are launched by keywords in broad match type, adding close variants, synonyms, similar phrases, misspellings, etc. PPC-specialists do keywords cross-minus. This is necessary to eliminate intersections between campaigns with BMM vs. exact match keywords.
  4. WAMProject analyzes the results of testing created on start different audiences on Facebook. If necessary, we correct them, disable non-performing and leave the best combinations of interests in the account. In the analysis we take into account the number of calls as well.
  5. After launching the campaigns, the agency waits for sufficient data and phone calls to accumulate. Usually 30 conversions within one week is enough for enabling Google automated strategies like Target CPA.
  6. Managers analyze leads quality and adjust the campaigns budgets, increasing it for campaigns with high quality leads and reducing for campaigns, which bring poor-quality leads even with low CPA.

It happens that people call by mistake or dial a number without understanding that this is dentistry. Some people think that the clinic operates 24/7 or that it’s a state clinic. Nevertheless even such leads can sometimes turn into clients. If the dialogue script is appropriate, the conversation continues and the person asks questions – this is a chance to get a new client.


We were able to correctly redistribute the budget between countries, regions, campaigns and ad groups within each ad network. On the start we used to distribute it evenly. Now we have turned off 30% of the campaigns altogether, and have reduced the list of countries from around the world to 15 targeted countries. We also significantly revised our keywords, some deleted, some paused to save the budget and worked out a list of negative keywords.

According to the experience of our agency, campaigns are always not working well using just broad match keywords. Controversially campaigns with manually checked and selected exact match keyword list and exact geo-targets are always successful.

Such keywords with maximum ROI we moved to separate campaigns with an unlimited budget. Rates for other keywords are calculated automatically by Target CPA strategy. Also we added new negative keywords for campaigns in broad match. At the same time, the agency was able to expand the semantic core list with non-obvious keywords which generate calls.

At the same time, investments in advertising are not reduced, but are distributed now among the most successful campaigns. Thus, it was possible to free up about 25-30% of the budget and increased conversions volume boosting good campaigns.

Conversions increase due to properly allocated budget

As a result, the number of quality calls increased by 40%, and the cost of the call also decreased by 40%. Also, the total number of calls increased by 80%, and the percentage of their conversion into clinic visits is now on average 35%.

Calls volume (blue) and correlation with clinic new clients volume increase (red)

WAMP agency specialists periodically listen to calls from contextual advertising. This helped to reveal that some ad groups was built up incorrectly. Clients called from search query “Dnepr clinic” and asked about services that are not related to dentistry. This process also helped to improve the scripts on which administrators use.

The clinic uses Ringostat callback form. We like it also because it is unobtrusive and does not pop up just after a couple of seconds of using the site.

Ringostat callback popup

Client plan the load on administrators, based on the report of calls distribution by day of the week and time of day. This Ringostat report shows at what time and on which days the most calls are received. The more hits – the more saturated is the green color of the cell, and vice versa.

Calls volume by week day and hours

The graph shows that at the weekend there are a lot of hits. Therefore, the main focus on advertising is done from Monday to Friday. On Sunday, advertising is not shown, because the clinic has enough customers on its own and all the doctors are busy. So the clinic can plan the workload for administrators and allocates more call managers for high load periods.

Unexpected insights

The agency discovered several things that nobody could have imagined from the start.

  1. The clinic has a campaign for installing veneers, which is launched in Kiev using exact match keywords. This campaign is fourth in terms of costs and tenth in the number of conversions. Nobody expected that people from another city would be so well converted into clients of the clinic.
  2. Campaign targeted to Italy is in third place from the world at the number of conversions, though this market was not initially targeted well by worldwide campaign.
  3. The keyword [dental implantation] in exact match does not work at all.
  4. [dentistry near me] is a trend voice query, but for our clinic it did not work at all.
  5. The keyword [veneers] is just a rock star in all aspects. This word works well even in worldwide campaigns.
  6. Also our competitors visitors campaign did not work out even after several targeting fixes and optimizations.


  1. In medical niche patients would rather call than submit online forms. At the moment of pain or urgent need, the client will not wait until being contacted after they would call themselves. Therefore, for clinics that are promoted on the Internet, it is necessary to implement call-tracking and track advertising sources of calls.
  2. The clinic is promoting around the globe. Call tracking helped to identify which countries don’t convert well and exclude them from advertising.
  3. Thanks to calls analytics, marketing agency revealed the effectiveness of campaigns, ad groups and keywords. PPC managers disabled or optimized advertising campaigns and invested more money into those that bring high quality leads.
  4. Thanks to call tracking, the agency can work on keywords based on clear full data set. We were able to expand the negative keywords list and select top performing keywords into separate campaigns.

Would you like to achieve similar results? Feel free to send a request. Our experts will analyze you product or service and will provide the detailed marketing strategy and performance campaigns plan.

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